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3pcs 2oz Gourmet Coffee Sampler Pack 6oz - Make 36-48 Cups

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About the Product
  • Each 2oz package produces 10-16cups of gourmet brewed coffee.
  • Each sampler pack includes 3 bags of coffee available in 3 flavors
  • All coffee is made from Arabica roasted beans from Equator
  • Ideal for all home or commercial or residential coffee makers
  • Special bags are used to insure freshness for longer storage periods

100% Arabica roasted coffee beans Each 2.0 oz fractional pack produce 10-12 cups of gourmet coffee Sample pack should produce up to 36 cups or 3 full pots Hospitality certified by most major hotel organization. Can be used in residential and commercial coffee makers. Coffee is roasted weekly to insure the freshness of our products. All of our coffee carries a freshness guaranteed Packaged in special designed sealed bags Our products have a shelf life of 6-9 months. We offer the best possible price without taking away quality. Ideal for restaurant, hotel room services and room amenities. Gourmet coffee grounds for use in convenient measured packs for quick and easy use in your home, restaurant, hotel, and office. Each package produces between 10-12 cups depending on the amount of water applied. It has taken 20 years of testing and alterations to achieve the greatness we have accomplished with our product. Our coffee can be served hot or cold with little or no loss of our great flavors. We only use the best Arabica coffee beans and never blend Robusta beans into our blends.. Our customers believe we are one of the finest coffees available on the market and one of the best kept secrets. We are now expanding into new markets including break room supplies, and a complete retail line for consumers. Our coffee comes from the high altitudes of South American Andes Mountain ranges. Our coffee can be used in any residential or commercial coffee makers. Every pot brewed offers a unique aroma that only comes from using Andean Mountain beans. It will produce a superior experience that your family, friends and your customers will enjoy! Our Products are available in different types of coffee from our premium blend, dark roast, French roast, espresso and decaffeinated. You can now enjoy our coffee in our new line of K-Cups or Pods for your Keurig machines. We have packs of 12, 24, 48 and 96.